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Horses of Mongolia

Horses of Mongolia

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Travelling to the foot of the 3rd highest mountain of the Altai Mountain range, Mt. Tsambagarav is devastatingly beautiful.  It is impossible to imagine how anyone could live here without their horse, not only for transportation but also for food.  The mare's milk is essential to the herdsman and his family for no vegetables or fruits grow on this barren land.  The milk is thus their only source of Vitamin C.  After the foal have had their fill, the women milk the mares, drinking some, making cheese and curd with the remaining.

In the vast plains where there is no other spirit, animal or human, for miles on end, the presence of the horse who can not only live but thrive and even give of itself, fattens the heart and encourages us of so much that is possible even when we have so little.  There is no truer friend.

Artist / Photographer: Kathleen Yao
Signed & Numbered
Limited print run of 20

Print Only: 100% FSC Certified Acid-Free Paper, GSM: 300
Size of Art: 38cm x 48cm

With Fibreboard Frame: 40cm x 50cm

On Canvas w Wood Frame: 60cm x 50cm x 4cm depth