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Best Guide to Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin 2021



Sometimes they strut about and other times, most times, they are hidden in the forest observing us and other critters. I've had numerous encounters with the wild boars of Pulau Ubin, including seeing two (2) grown males fight it out by butting their heads repeatedly.  It was quite the spectacle and just a little bit scary, but for the most part, after so many years of going to the Island of Granite, they have proven to be rather docile and nonchalant hosts.  In other words, the best kind of animals to see in the wild.


At the same time though, there is another amazing world that everyone misses out on when they focus only on looking for the large animals.  For the insects on the island are equally amazing.


 Weaver ants, for example, are some of the most amazing critters than we can carefully and safely observe up close.  If you happen across a ball of leaves with whitish sealants as you look into the trees, try to look at the other sections just in case there are some ants that are still in the middle of weaving their nest together.  You will witness some outstanding stretching and teamwork and construction skills.  Don't disturb them though, their bite is one of the most painful among the ant world.

Other tiny critters you should try to look out for include Lantern Flies (unfortunately dwindling) and Shield or Stink Bugs of which we have a large variety.


Shield BUg pulau ubin