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Wonderful things happening in Singapore

  • What Causes Empires to End?

    What does it mean to be an empire versus a mere country?  It refers to a different era (that may come around again as history is wont to do) when the borders of countries were fluid and mere occupation (military or otherwise) and political influence meant that area/region belonged to you.
  • Finding Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

    For fountain pen users, it is not enough to pick out a good pen nib but to choose a quality fountain pen friendly paper as well. Quality can be defined by the paper’s ability to withstand fountain pen common ink-to-paper defects such as ink feathering, bleed through, and show through.
  • Choosing Your Fountain Pen: Filling Mechanisms

    There are many different filling mechanisms for fountain pens, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

    We will be going through four common filling systems: cartridges, converters, pistons, and eyedroppers; how to use them, and the pros and cons of each.

  • Choosing Your Fountain Pen: Nibs

    When first venturing into the world of fountain pens, the terminology can be confusing. To start off, you can look at the different types of fountain pen nibs according to the tip size, tip shape, and flexibility.

  • Choosing Your Watercolour Brush: Shape and Hair Type

    A poor brush can't fulfil your needs in the long-term — over time, problems with straying brush hairs and lack of water retention arise.

    How do you pick out a quality watercolour brush that is best suited for your personal style? Read on to find out!

  • Choosing Your Watercolour Paper: Content and Quality

    Which watercolour paper is better? Those made of cotton or wood pulp?

    Each has its merits and can be evaluated based on three key criterias: price, permanence, and the techniques it allows you to use.

  • Choosing Your Watercolour Paper: Texture and Weight

    Choosing the right paper for your watercolour paintings can be a challenging task — What’s wrong with regular paper? What are the differences between the textures? What does GSM mean? 
  • The Tricks of Time: Are We who We Were?

    Intimidation is not the only word that comes to mind when you have six (6) volumes in front of you.  After all, were this manga, it would be a mere...
  • When a Poet Marries a Mathematician

    One of the world's greatest poets, Lord Byron, had fallen in love with a math genius, Annabella Milbanke in 1815, and this union of great minds wou...
  • Small Black Notebook Found: Poetry Inside

    I don't know who found Kenji Miyazawa's (1896 - 1933) notebook and if they knew that it was untold treasure, but I'm so glad they carefully went t...
  • 10 Easter Eggs in October

    Inside cover of "A Very Curious Cabinet"  1. Caroli Linnaei or Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) was the Swedish botanist who devised the System of Class...
  • footnotes™: the seasons of Singapore notebook series

    In these analogue notebooks, deliberately small (A6) and thin (48pp) so the past can be left at home and there is no room to worry about the future, we hope to lengthen the little moments of today.